Retail Space Rental

Retail Space Rental

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Let us sell your product.  In-store, and online.

Pay monthly rent for a vendor space, and we collect 20% commission.

The 20% commission collected includes the following:

1.  All credit card processing fees are included.

2.  All sales taxes are collected and paid by LGS

2.  Promotional marketing on our social media accounts

3.  The listing of some of your products for sale on our website.

4.  Inclusion in numerous virtual sales events

5.  Free packaging and handling when an item(s) is shipped

6.  Access to online sales reports.

7.  Your products will be displayed in store on fixtures provided by LGS.  We use antique furniture as fixtures for displays, however you may use your own display. 

8.  Staff on-site to clean, re-stock, merchandise, and facilitate the sale of your products.

Rental fees are as follows:

Small:      3-5 square foot of retail for $30 a month

Medium:  5-9 square foot of retail for $60 a month

Large:      10-16 sq. ft. of retail space for $100 a month.

The above sizes and dollar amount for rentals are flexible depending on the product being sold, space required to adequately display products, etc.